Not just any loader

It’s the only loader.

We’re Not


We build severe duty machines not sports cars.

Waldon equipment is built to last – solid, durable and compact.

Our loaders come in a variety of sizes to fit in any environment. Designed for heavy construction, mining, industrial materials handling; Waldon equipment will be the last piece of equipment you’ll use.

How durable?
One of our loaders spent 39 years in a salt mine and was still going. Now that’s tough!

Not just any loader.

It’s the

only loader.

Waldon is known for building not just heavy duty but severe duty loaders and forklifts. Our machines can be found in foundaries, fertlize plants, chemical plants and even food processing plants, to name a few.

For over 50 years, we have take pride in manufacturing machines that can work and survive 24/7 in the most abrasive, dirty, and difficult environments you can find.

Simply put – we are the heaviest built equipment in the industry.



We have a large list of attachments to fit most forklift, lift trucks, loaders and skid steer brands out there. Customizations can be made upon request. Browse our selection below:

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