A Perfect Team!

Waldons offer a full line of loader and lift truck attachments for your material handling needs. Manufactured with a commitment to quality, durability, and efficiency, the Waldon loader / attachment team is a winning combination. From construction to mining to agribusiness to recycling, there’s a Waldon for your job!

The Waldon Unicoupler System….

Allows the operator to change most attachments in seconds without leaving the operator’s compartment. Designed for increased productivity and efficiency in multiple applications, the Waldon loader with Unicoupler offers versatility and performance plus! Choose from a wide variety of attachments to complement your Unicoupler System.

Item Loaders Forklifts
Bale Clamp
Carton Clamp
Bar Arm/Drum Fork Clamp  
Die Handler  
Drop Bottom Box Dumper
Dumper Upender
Maxistack Clamp  
Multipurpose Clamp
Pallet Saver
Rotating Clamp  
Standard Clamp  
Telescoping Boom  

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