Grip-o-Drum’s narrow profile enables close packed stacking in trucks, warehouses and work areas.

  • The Waldon Grip-O-Drum is a simple mechanical attachment for lift trucks designed to pick up and transport 55, 30, and 15 gallon steel drums and some plastic drums with rolling hoops.
  • The Grip-O-Drum arms are manually adjustable for each drum size. Drum handling is a simple, one-man job with the Grip-O-Drum. The operator never has to leave his seat once the unit is secured to the forks. The unique arm configuration helps hold the drum securely even when travelling over unequal terrain.
  • Grip-O-Drum reduces lost time accidents and compensation claims; permits fast, efficient drum handling improving productivity; and quickly pays for its small cost in improved operating efficiency.
  • For intermittent use, the fork mounted Grip-O-Drum is ideal as it can be easily slipped on and off the forks of ANY lift truck.
  • For continuous drum handling the carriage mounted unit is the ideal choice. Taking only the a few more inches space out front than the drum, it is well suited to tight corners and narrow aisles.
Grip O Drum handler attachment for both forklifts and loaders

Available in one drum or two drum configurations with capacities of 1500 lbs. and 3000 lbs.

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