The Waldon Grip-O-Matic is a versatile drum-handling attachment that is completely mechanical and fully automatic.

It picks up, lifts and releases any size closed or open top fiber drum, plastic drum as well as any size steel drum: Easily slipped on the forks or mounted on the carriage of any lift truck, the Grip-O-Matic is available in one or two-drum models with capacities of 1000 lbs. and 2000 lbs.

The gripping head unit can be raised or lowered to handle drums of any height (or diameter) and its hard, steel, gripping jaws automatically open and close during the pickup operation, gripping the rim of the drum. As the truck mast is tilted back, the pressure of the drum weight causes the steel jaws to lock, securing the drum for transport – the heavier the drum, the tighter the grip. The drum is then released by setting it down and backing away.

With the Grip-O-Matic, drum handling becomes simply a safe, one-man task, easily accomplished. Ideal for narrow aisle operations, this drum handler takes up little more space than the drum itself. Fork mounted models are best suited for intermittent handling of drums as they can be removed quickly from the forks; but for continuous drum handling, the carriage-mounted Grip-O-Matic is the best choice since it reduces the overall length of the truck, permitting greater maneuverability and handling ease.

Designed to give fast, safe and effcient drum handling service, reduce lost-time accidents and injury claims, and quickly pays for itself in decreased handling expenses.

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