The Waldon Die Handler moves dies on and off machines to racks or storage areas with ease.

  • Allows Maximum Flexibility, Convenience – fork pockets on all four sides permit mounting from any direction, so dies can be pulled or pushed either sideways or front and back.
  • Rugged Construction – made of heavy-duty structural steel and welded into a single body unit.
  • Single Hydraulic Function – powered by a heavy-duty hydraulic motor connected to a drive chain which moves the drawbar with equal power in both directions.
  • Fits Most Models – available in several makes for both gas and electric trucks, with a variety of handling surfaces (ranging from 32 x 36 inches, to 54 to 60 inches).
  • Easy Installation – pins are used to secure unit to forks to prevent sliding or shifting; quick-disconnect couplings connect truck lines to unit outlets.
  • Safety Cover – protects operator from internal chains, meets OSHA safety standards.
Die handler attachment for both forklifts and loader attachments.

The Waldon Die Handler is a fast, safe and effcient method for moving dies.

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