The Waldon Dump Upender simplifies big dumping/upending chores with operator controlled hydraulic convenience.

  • Automatically Handles Many Needs – able to quickly dump or slowly pour powders, liquids, chemicals, scrap, waste and other material from steel and fiber drums, special hoppers, boxes, trays or wire baskets.
  • Operator Controlled Convenience – without leaving his seat, the driver can safely set and monitor material flow.
  • Specialized Clamping Pads Available – standard drum pads (10″W x 18″H) handle both steel and fiber drums; OPTIONAL PADS to handle many other applications: dumping carboys, wire baskets, boxes; upending rolls, bales, and other objects from vertical to horizontal position.
  • Equal Arm Movement, Standard – assures that the clamping pads grip the load at the same time. Side-shifting is available as an option.
  • 180° Forward Tilt – maximum operator control of dumping process and excellent visibility.
  • Versatile – remove dumper pads to use as a standard fork clamp.

The Waldon Dump upender is a fast, safe and efficient method for handling drums, boxes etc.

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