A multi-use clamp with a variety of functions.

  • Same clamp; four different functions – all six clamps on this page utilize the same Waldon Standard Clamp. The clamp shoulders can be fitted with bar arms, forks, drum forks, drum clamp arms or any number of other useful and relatively inexpensive clamp arms or pads. These can be either welded or bolted on. Most models are available with 360° rotation.
  • Available in single hydraulic function – maneuvers loads in most material handling applications; equal arm movement is standard, OR
  • Flow divider – provides consistent equal arm movement
  • Side shifting double hydraulic function – hardened steel bar arms move in unison from side to side, eliminating much of the need to reposition the lift truck every time the load is maneuvered.
  • Designed for long-life, maximum payload – lightweight body reduces lost load center, insures years of service.
  • Interchangeable, reversible components – aluminum alloy channel bars can be switched from one side to the other, and inverted, to balance out wear, extend part life.
  • Individual arm movement – optional feature for applications requiring one arm to move alone to enter a stack without repositioning the truck.

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