Handles unpalleted loads of cartons and boxes with hydraulic efficiency and ease.

  • Eliminates problems associated with wood pallets – including cost, repair, loss, and storage space; clamped loads stack faster, tighter and higher.
  • Slim, lightweight design – thin aluminum arms slide between boxes with minimal damage; bonded rubber facings provide maximum gripping force.
  • “National Rubber” pads are standard
  • Standard ITA mountings or quick release mountings offered at no additional charge.
  • Equal arm movement standard – a combination of side-shift permits simultaneous pad opening / closing.
  • Pilot-operated check valves – ensure rentention of clamping force at all times.
  • Pad articulation, toe-in and chamber adjustments standard – added features increase handling efficiency and ease/
  • Flexibility in handling different sized loads – opening range from 22 to 76 inches; weight capacities vary from 2,500 to 4,500 pounds. 

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