Moves unit loads of cartons, crates, bales, rolls and boxes without the use of pallets.

  • Available in single hydraulic function –  maneuvers loads in most material handling applications
  • Side-shifting double hydraulic function – flexible, rubber covered gripper arms move in unison from side to side, eliminating much of the need to reposition the lift truck every time the load is lifted and released.
  • Designed for long-life, maximum payload – light-weight body reduces lost load center. Rubber gripper pads are easily replaced.
  • Interchangeable, reversible components – aluminum alloy channel bars can be switched from one side to the other, and inverted, to balance out wear and extend part life.
  • Optimal load shape control – built-in chamber and toe-in help position and square the load while preventing sag.
  • Individual arm movement – optional feature for applications requiring one arm to move alone to enter a stack without repositioning the truck.
  • 360° rotating clamp – optional feature; utilizes advanced design, state-of-the-art, lightweight Waldon rotator for minimum lost load center
  • Flow divider – provides consistent equal arm movement

The multi-purpose clamps come with rubber-covered arms rotating or rigid.

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