Waldon gets featured in the Ontario Industrial Magazine

Waldon Equipment was featured in Ontario Industrial Magazine! The following snippet was taken from the print piece. The PDF version of the story can be downloaded below.

Industrial-Grade Loaders: Moving Material in Severe Environments

Beware of light duty, commercial equipment for tough industrial jobs. Built-to-last, severe duty front end loaders can increase reliability, reduce capital costs, and improve production.

Industrial material handling equipment such as wheel loaders and forklifts are typically planned for short life cycles due to the severe environments they have to work in. From mining to metal smelters to glass plants to fertilizer operations, extreme temperatures and corrosive elements take a heavy toll on machinery.

With many facilities running continuous multi-shift schedules, light-duty, commercial-grade, material handling equipment wears out prematurely. This is because much of today’s industrial equipment is not actually industrial grade, but commercial-grade, light-duty equipment intended for farming, landscaping, or construction that has been repurposed for industrial use.

“If you need material handling equipment that will last and don’t want to keep taking it out of service to repair or replace it, look to severe duty industrial equipment,” suggests Bill Barns, a Project Manager at Langeloth Metallurgical Company (LMC), one of the world’s largest ferromolybdenum producers, and the first site to commercially convert molybdenite concentrates to technical molybdic oxide. “If it’s built to last like our severe duty wheel loaders, you’ll put it to work and not worry about much other than routine maintenance.”

Download and read the entire article from OIM Magazine