Waldon Equipment Joins Forces With Broce Manufacturing

Partners in heavy duty equipment and construction sweepers.

Broce Manufacturing Co is pleased to announce that as of December 7, 2012, we have joined forces with Waldon Equipment, LLC to offer additional lines of equipment.

Since 1957, Waldon products have been setting the standard for compact, 4-wheel drive, articulated loaders and forklifts, and in 1997 added the “Digmaster” loader backhoe line. Rugged and durable, Waldon products have the reputation of excelling where others fall behind or fall apart.

In 1963, Broce revolutionized the asphalt paving industry with the introduction of the first-ever mid-mount self-propelled sweeper and continues to be the leader in that market. A desire to provide the highest quality products and unmatched product support has allowed Broce to maintain the market leadership position.

These two companies combined represent over 105 years in heavy equipment manufacturing. The Broce/Waldon team bring together a shared vision of providing the highest quality products and services to their customers in their respective industries. This new partnership highlights our commitment to excellence and will enable us to better serve the broad range of needs of our customers.

We will continue working hard to earn your business and want to personally thank you for your loyalty and support. Any questions related to the new products can be directed to your regional salesman or Broce’s corporate office.

Your Waldon/Broce Family