Top 20 facts about Manufacturing

The National Association of Manufacturing, an organization that represents the manufacturing industry in advocating policy change, outlined the top 20 facts about the manufacturing industry. In [...]

Oklahoma City listed as a Top 10 City for Construction Growth

According to the US Construction Pipeline, growth in construction increased by 4% in the first quarter for total number of projects over last year. Total construction is anticipated to increase [...]

After 44 years of service, Merle Patzkowsky retires from Waldon Manufacturing

In 1972, a 19 year-old Merle Patzkowsky started work at Waldon mounting tires on loaders and expediting shipping. He moved up in the ranks from parts room manager to sales and general management [...]

Waldon Equipment Joins Forces With Broce Manufacturing

Partners in heavy duty equipment and construction sweepers. Broce Manufacturing Co is pleased to announce that as of December 7, 2012, we have joined forces with Waldon Equipment, LLC to offer [...]

Waldon gets featured in the Ontario Industrial Magazine

Waldon Equipment was featured in Ontario Industrial Magazine! The following snippet was taken from the print piece. The PDF version of the story can be downloaded below. Industrial-Grade Loaders: [...]

Waldon featured in Modern Metals Magazine

The article’s first heading reads, “Built-to-last, severe duty front end loaders can increase reliability, reduce capital costs, and improve production.” Later on Bill Barns, the plant [...]